I’m happy to endorse two instrument companies.

Hammond B3P

Hammond B3P

On the “Hammond Side”, the leading manufacture of portable clone Organs, Leslie Speakers, and the only manufacture of the modern day B3..   Hammond USA.

On the “Accordion Side”, I am an accordion fanatic!  I’m a collector of accordions, I have a Pan, a Brandoni, quite a few excelsior’s, giulietti, and a few others..  Let’s talk!!


The Hammond Side:

As a Hammond Player, it’s hard not to be aware of all the new instruments on the market from the vintage to the most current ‘clone-wheel’. I’m happy to have three options when it comes to my current organ rigs.

  • My most portable rig would be the Hammond Sk2 with the Leslie 3300.  This setup is used on 80% of my local gigs around the NYC area.
  • My favorite portable rig, which is not really all that portable, is my Hammond B3P with the Leslie 3300.  The B3P is simply great, however about 180lbs instead of the 35lb Sk2..
  • My classic Hammond B3 with a 147 Leslie Speaker..

If your interested in learning more, I’ve outline how my instrument choices have changed throughout the years..  I’m happy to be a Hammond Endorser….

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The Accordion Side:

As an accordion player, it’s not possible to just own one instrument.  The instrument, unlike a piano or even an organ, varies greatly.  The need for many different accordions is necessary as a working accordionist.  You may need a ‘dry tuned’ instrument for a jazz setting to many varying degrees of musette depending on what the vibe is that your trying to fit into..
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The Piano Side:

Someday I’ll own a Steinway..   enough said because i’ll get depressed that I don’t have one…


The Keyboard Side:

Typically, I like to use Korg keyboards…  They sound good and have all the shit….   What else can I say……:)


The Amp Side:

Barbetta —  I especially like the one with 2 – Ten Inch speakers..  It’s nice and tight sounding on the low end.  Just don’t break it, because it takes them forever to fix…