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AMT & Ron:

Applied Microphone Technology is the world’s leader in microphone reinforcement for acoustic instruments.   The musician ran company is clearly in touch with needs of the player as well as the practical possibilities and developments of modern day microphones and sound reinforcement.  AMT addresses the needs of the player and balances them with what is possible and what can actually work..  I began working with AMT because I was in need of a microphone system for accordion.  In order for my wish to be met, I was asked to help market the system due to the rarity of the instrument, the difficulty when working on the instrument, and the bizarre nature of it’s fallowing…:)  13 years later, we are still going strong with world wide distribution and many many players now reproducing ‘their’ sound at the highest level possible.  Please check them out.  AMT

My Personal AMT Microphone Recommendations:

AMT M40 Piano Microphone System:

A system compact for the traveling pro, permanent sound installations, jazz clubs to concert halls.

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AMT Wi5IIC Wireless System

A clip-on wireless system that changes the way a player (mainly horn players) can perform.  It allows for beltpack-less operation which gives the player the ability to move and roam the stage freely without being connected to wires of any kind.  The “C” systems can be used with nearly every AMT microphone.

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 AMT 350 Large Diaphragm Microphone

The 1st generation large diaphragm microphone system from AMT.  Named after one of my prior cars, the 350 is an all purpose studio microphone good for recording anything from wind instruments to Leslie cabinets to crickets in your back yard.  Solid as a rock in design, the microphone is priced right and can compete with other brand models priced way beyond the 350.  For a good example of the 350 being recorded, please check out my December’s Moon recording of the B3 and Accordion.

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 AMT ACCX Accordion Microphone System

If your looking for a single microphone to use on say a smaller accordion.  The ACCX is an externally mounted system which can handle the output of a powerful smaller musette instrument.

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About: Applied Microphone Technology

Hand Made Instrument Microphones

Applied Microphone Technology manufactures, by hand in the USA, microphones for saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, acoustic bass, cello, violin, viola, and all acoustic instruments. From a wireless violin mic used without a belt pack to a wireless sax mic used with other major brands of wireless, AMT has every possible performance situation covered.

Applied Microphone Technology has been in the business of developing microphones for over twenty years. Our goal is to acquire the contemporary sound of live performance while maintaining the pure reproduction of the individual instrument. We believe that building microphones designed for specific, rather than broad needs will ultimately produce the richest, purest tones.

We strive to give the artist complete control over what they want the audience to hear. We suit the needs of real world entertainment by producing a product that complements amplifiers, sound reinforcement and recording equipment as well as the instruments for which they are designed.